Which are your 1955 favorites?

It’s time for you, dear readers, to tell which of the 1955 bestsellers you think are still tops today. You can vote for three. They are in randomized order.

If you want to share why you like a novel or why you think it think deserves rereading today, please use the comments section.

What were your favorite novels of 1904?

I know most of my readers didn’t read the 1904 bestsellers the year they were originally published.  I hope, however, that some of you have sampled some of the them this year, perhaps in e-book form.

Now’s your chance to register your favorites and/or tell us what you think the best of 1904’s novels are for today’s readers. You can choose up to three.

Feel free to use the comment section to share more than just a click.

Share your favorite 1923 bestseller titles

Although 1923 didn’t have any titles that are going to show up on anybody’s list of the top 100 novels of all time, it did produce some works that are still worth reading today for the picture they give of a bygone time or for just plain escape reading.

Click up to three of your favorites from 1923 below. If you’d like to tell why you chose a particular title, use the comment section to share your reasons.

Pick your favorite 1953 bestselling novels

Here’s your chance to tell about your favorite 1953 bestsellers. If  I haven’t messed up, you can select up to three choices.  If you want to say why you like those particular novels, take all the space you’d like in the comments section to do that.

I’ll follow up Wednesday with short list of my favorites of the top 10.