Look who’s talking about Great Penformances

The latest addition to my brag box is an interview this week with Nate Pederson.

Post header "1915 best sellers: A Conversation with Linda Aragoni"Nate came across Great Penformances while researching the bestsellers of 1915 for the Fine Books Blog at Fine Books Magazine. I had already reviewed those novels here so the reviews came up in his search.

Like me, Nate doesn’t stick to one thing: He’s a journalist, fiction writer, community librarian (a multi-hat job), and he also gives audio-visual history presentations. You’ll find him on Twitter @nate_pedersen.

Another piece in my brag book is a 2013 piece by Mary Kalfatovic, editor-in-chief of  The Committee Room.

Headline and opening of "Bestsellers of the Past" shows dust cover of The Sea HawkOver a period of a couple weeks, Mary interviewed me by email so well the experience was scarcely different from doing an in-person interview.

Her piece “Best Sellers of the Past: What’s Still Worth Reading?” is an article I’d be proud to have written. Mary is a great interviewer and a fine writer.

You’ll find The Committee Room on Twitter @The CommRoom.

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it in a while,  the website of The Oneida Dispatch has been offering readers the Great Penformances feed for several years.

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