Different Seasons: 4 novellas

If you think Stephen King is a one-track writer, the four novellas in Different Seasons will change your mind. Each of them deserves a review of its own.

To package the four novellas in a single cover, the stories are linked by what might be thought of as chapter headers that play off the names of the seasons.

A circle divided into quarters, each quarter containing an icon for one of the seasons
Mysterious, almost romantic images

“Hope Springs Eternal” is the chapter heading for Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, a story about a man unjustly imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit and his eventual escape.

Many readers will recognize it from the 1994 film version, Shawshank Redemption.

“Summer of Corruption” is the header for Apt Pupil, a horrific tale about a 13-year-old who becomes fascinated by World War II concentration camps. One day Todd sees a old man who resembles an SS officer who ran one of the camps and pays him a visit.

Cover art on black background is a circle split into quarters containing icons for the seasons.“Fall from Innocence” is the header for The Body, a story in which four young boys go to see the body of a boy their own age who’d been reported missing in the Maine woods.

“A Winter’s Tale” is the header for The Breathing Method, a story told by a doctor about an unwed woman determined to have her baby.

Different Seasons by Stephen King
Viking Press, 1982. 527 p.
1982 bestseller #7. My grade: B

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