Assassins (Left Behind series)

Jerusalem in the cross hairs of rifle aimed at globeAssassins is the sixth novel in the “Left Behind” series based on the New Testament book of Revelation. It attempts to imagine what it will be like to live through events revealed to the Apostle John. The concept for the novel came from Tim LaHaye. Jerry B. Jenkins wrote the books.

In Assassins, the Global Community under the leadership of Nicolae Carpathia is preparing for a gala celebration three-and-a-half years after Christians were taken to heaven and the world plunged into chaos.

Carpathia announces he’ll deal with the “Jerusalem Twosome,” who preach to those left behind, the next day at a big rally.

Although millions treat Carpathia as a god, he has enemies, not all of them within the ranks of those who converted to Christianity after the rapture.

At the rally, Carpathia is assassinated.

Assassins provides almost no context for anyone who hasn’t read the previous volumes in the series. Besides that, the text is not a particularly well written. While buildings explode, people die, and corpses burn, writer Jerry B. Jenkins has one character tell another, “You’ve got a modicum of stress in your life.”

If you have even a modicum of stress in your life, find a different novel to read.

Assassins [Left Behind Series]
by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
Tyndale House. ©1999. 416 p.
1999 bestseller #3; my grade: D

Note:  The prior book in the Left Behind series, Apollyon, appears in the 7th place in the 1999 bestseller list.

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