Which are you favorite 1926 bestsellers?

Do you think one of the 1926 bestsellers is a standout? Or maybe you can’t decide among three.

Here’s a chance to give a tick to the titles of the 1926 bestselling novels you think have held up well.

I’ll wrap up with my top picks on Saturday, July 16.

~ Linda Gorton Aragoni

Which 1925 bestsellers are your top picks?

It’s time for readers to express their opinions about what endures of the 1925 bestseller list. You can pick up to three titles.

As always, the comments section is open to anyone who wants to do more than just tick the box.

My top choices list will be posted next Tuesday.

What are your 1902 favorite novels?

Do you have favorites among the 1902 bestselling novels?  Name your favorites here. (You can pick up to three of the 10.)

I’ll give my choices on Sunday, December 16.

Your comments on books reviewed here are welcome.  Comments from spammers seeing backlinks or trying to sell me SEO services will be zapped.

What are your favorite 1931 bestsellers?

My review of Maid in Waiting posted yesterday wraps up my reviews of 1931 bestselling novels. I have not been able to find either Years of Grace by Margaret Ayers Barnes or Grand Hotel by Vicki Baum.

Before I reveal my pics for the 1931 bestsellers with most appeal to novel readers today, you can click to share your preferences in the reader poll.

Linda Gorton Aragoni