Wanderlust, a Danielle Steel novel

Front dust jacket of Wanderlust is forgettable dark green with gold type
Symbol for matched set perhaps?

Wanderlust opens in the 1930’s with spinster Audrey Driscoll preparing for her sister’s marriage while wishing she could travel the world as her father did.

It ends during World War II with Audrey married and traveling the world as her father did.

As Steel tells the story, Audrey was 11, her sister 7 when their parents were killed and the girls sent to live with their grandfather, who had strongly disapproved of his son’s foot-loose ways.

With Annabelle married, against her grandfather’s wishes, Audrey goes traveling.

She meets an English couple who introduce her to Charles Parker-Scott, a travel writer whose work she admires.

They fall in love and travel together.

Audrey’s photography skills make her and Charles a good team,

Before too long, Audrey’s commitments to people come into conflict with Charlie’s commitments to his work.

The novel ends happily for its implausible heroine.

Audrey not only gets her man, but becomes a professional photographer without training or experience, and wins plaudits for singlehandedly caring for 17 orphans in a rural Chinese village one entire winter.

And she does it all without breaking a fingernail.

Nothing less than achievement of her fondest dreams is possible for a Danielle Steel heroine.

Wanderlust by Danielle Steel
Delacorte Press ©1986 382 p.
1986 bestseller #6; my grade: C

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