Look who’s talking about Great Penformances

The latest addition to my brag box is an interview this week with Nate Pederson.

Post header "1915 best sellers: A Conversation with Linda Aragoni"Nate came across Great Penformances while researching the bestsellers of 1915 for the Fine Books Blog at Fine Books Magazine. I had already reviewed those novels here so the reviews came up in his search.

Like me, Nate doesn’t stick to one thing: He’s a journalist, fiction writer, community librarian (a multi-hat job), and he also gives audio-visual history presentations. You’ll find him on Twitter @nate_pedersen.

Another piece in my brag book is a 2013 piece by Mary Kalfatovic, editor-in-chief of  The Committee Room.

Headline and opening of "Bestsellers of the Past" shows dust cover of The Sea HawkOver a period of a couple weeks, Mary interviewed me by email so well the experience was scarcely different from doing an in-person interview.

Her piece “Best Sellers of the Past: What’s Still Worth Reading?” is an article I’d be proud to have written. Mary is a great interviewer and a fine writer.

You’ll find The Committee Room on Twitter @The CommRoom.

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it in a while,  the website of The Oneida Dispatch has been offering readers the Great Penformances feed for several years.

Blog list from the Oneida Dispatch

Great Penformances joins Oneida Dispatch blog roll

Oneida Daily Dispatch logo

Great Penformances reviews are now available to visitors at The Oneida Daily Dispatch website.

I look forward to hearing from of the Dispatch and of vintage novels who live in upstate New York’s Madison County and Southern Oneida County.

Thanks to editor Kurt Wanfried for adding Great Penformances reviews to his blog offerings.