Family Album

Front cover tells fans this is a Danielle Steel novel
A photo-less album

Danielle Steel’s Family Album is a 40-year dig into the personal lives of the Ward Thayer family.

As World War II draws to a close, silver screen sex pot Faye Price meets Ward Thayer while entertaining American troops at Guadalcanal.

The day he’s back in the U.S., Ward seeks her out.

People who don’t recognize Faye, know Ward. He’s the playboy heir to a vast fortune.

Despite the differences in their backgrounds and philosophies, they fall in love and marry. Within six years they have five children and a palatial lifestyle.

Unknown to Faye, they also have huge debts. Ward has kept spending while the family businesses went under.

Faye rolls up her sleeves and gets to work to cut their losses and start bringing income.

For 30 years, Faye is the real head of the family.

She becomes a film director and eventually persuades Ward to become a film producer.

While Faye and Ward repair the family fortunes, the trajectories of their children’s lives turn downward.

The characters in Family Album are like sock monkeys: They don’t develop in any noticeable way in 40 years.

Perhaps that’s why 15 hours after I finished reading it, I couldn’t remember what Family Album was about.

Family Album by Danielle Steel
Delacourt. 1985. 399 p.
1985 bestseller #9; my grade: C-

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