Share your top picks of 1966 bestselling novels

Choose up to three novels from the top 10 bestsellers for 1966. Please feel welcome to share why you picked particular books. Take all the space you like in the comments section.

I’ll share my top choices and the reasons for choosing them next Tuesday in this blog.



The 1966 novels reviews lineup

Here are the bestselling novels of 1966 that I’ll be reviewing in the next few weeks and the date on which you can expect to see the review posted here.

You’ll notice that none of the titles was held over from 1965.

women's faces replace continents on world map on Adventurers dust jacket

Red type, black dingbats are only art on cover of All in the Family

Capable of Honor uses all-type dust jacket, red type on black ground

  1. Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann [Jan. 2, 2016]
  2.  The Adventurers by Harold Robbins [Jan. 5, 2016]
  3. The Secret of Santa Vittoria by Robert Crichton [Jan. 9, 2016]
  4. Capable of Honor by Allen Drury  [Jan. 12, 2016]
  5. The Double Image by Helen MacInnes [Jan. 16, 2016]
  6. The Fixer by Bernard Malamud [Jan. 19, 2016]
  7. Tell No Man by Adela Rogers St. Johns [Jan. 23, 2016]
  8. Tai-Pan by James Clavell [Jan. 26, 2016]
  9. The Embezzler by Louis Auchincloss [Jan. 30, 2016]
  10. All in the Family by Edwin O’Connor [Feb. 2, 2016]

words The Double Image shown as mirror image1966-06_fixerEmbezzler dust jacket has title in red against stock market page of newspaper

On February 6, I’ll give you a chance to say which 1966 bestsellers you prefer.

For folks who only want only the best of the bestsellers, on February 9 I’ll tell you which 1966 bestsellers made my shortlist.

That’s what’s immediately ahead.

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