Reviews of 1935 bestsellers scheduled

The publishing world saw several new novels by famous authors in 1935 and a few really good new novels. Only one novel on the 1935 list was a holdover from 1934: James Hilton’s Good-bye, Mr. Chips.

Publisher note says Wefer "Forty Days" to be out 25-Apr-2015Here’s a list of the bestsellers I’ll be reviewing in the next five weeks, along with the dates of the scheduled reviews.

  • 1935 #1 Green Light by Lloyd C. Douglas [12-May-2015]
  • 1935 #2 Vein of Iron by Ellen Glasgow [16-May-2015]
  • 1935 #3 Of Time and the River by Thomas Wolfe [19-May-2015]
  • 1935 #4 Time Out of Mind by Rachel Field [23-May-2015]
  • 1935 #5 Good-bye, Mr. Chips by James Hilton
  • 1935 #6 The Forty Days of Musa Dagh by Franz Werfel [27-May-2015]

Note: A new, expanded version of  Werfel’s novel in ebook format is available from major online publishers now.  A paperback of the expanded translation should be available from publisher David R. Godine,, by the time you read this.

  • 1935 #7 Heaven’s My Destination by Thornton Wilder [30-May-2015]
  • 1935 #8 Lost Horizon by James Hilton [02-Jun-2015]
  • 1935 #9 Come and Get It by Edna Ferber [06-Jun-2015]
  • 1935 #10 Europa by Robert Briffault [09-Jun-2015]

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