Free reviews

I offer GreatPenformances reviews to individuals, groups, and businesses for exactly what I make by producing them: nothing.

Individuals can get posts email or RSS

Individuals who want GreatPenformances on a regular basis can get the blog delivered free to their email inbox or subscribe via RSS and read the reviews in a feed reader such as Feedly (available for web, Android and iOS) or Feedreader.

The reviews are for subscribers. Please do not post my reviews on Facebook or GoodReads or anywhere else. I would be very unhappy if you did that, and would probably send you a nasty notice that you had violated my copyrights.

Pro-literacy organizations can get them, too.

Libraries, schools, book clubs, independent book stores, arts organizations and other organizations who want to use the reviews on their website or their blog providing  they:

      • secure permission from me in advance
      • provide the reviews free to the public
      • don’t require people to sign in to an account to read the reviews.

Do not post my reviews on Facebook. Period. Full stop. Facebook makes its money off of people who give it free content.  I am not one of those people.

Presently permitted users

The has permission to reprint reviews for its readers in the region that includes Ashland, Ky., Huntington, WV., Ironton & Portsmouth, Ohio. (The Oneida Dispatch delivered Great Penformances reviews to their readers in this manner for several years, but no longer has a lifestyles section.)

To prevent misunderstandings, please contact me about your wish to use the reviews in advance of using them.   Here’s a form for your convenience.

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  1. I’m thrilled to find you! Purchased a used book today…at a local library book sale. It’s The Louis Bromfield Trilogy by Louis Bromfield. Not knowing this author, I decided to check him out and found you. What a great resource. Can’t wait to find (and read!) some of the books you talk about here.


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