Star Wars® The Phantom Menace (book)

a hooded, humanlike red face with black tiger markings and red eyes stares at readers The first Star Wars® film, written and directed by George Lucas, debuted in 1977 was a block buster hit. It spawned additional Star Wars® films, gave birth to a science fiction category called space operas, and made millionaires of Star Wars® merchandizers.

In 1999, 22 years and three Star Wars® films later, Lucas produced a fourth film that’s a prequel to the Star Wars® series. Terry Brooks made Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace into a novel of the same name.

The novel’s first chapter’s first paragraph is one word: Tatoonine.

The rest of chapter 1 is about a pod race. Pods are some kind of mechanical vehicles.  A nine-year-old slave boy named Anakin Skywalker, who hopes one day to fly with the Jedi Knights, is cheated out of winning the pod race. Anakin and his mother are slaves owned by Watto, a “pudgy, blue Toydarian” who speaks Huttese.

I have no idea what happens after that.

Reading The Phantom Menace without having seen the film is like trying to decipher King Lear by consulting a printed copy of the alphabet.

Readers, you have been warned.

Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace
by Terry Brooks
Ballentine Publishing. ©1999. 324 p.
1999 bestseller #4; my grade: D-

©2020 Linda G. Aragoni

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