Pretend You Don’t See Her

Woman’s face is faintly visible through leaves of a tree
The woman isn’t quite hidden.

Pretend You Don’t See Her is scary thriller in which a hired killer stalks women who know too much about the mob connections of a reputable businessman.

Lacey Farrell, a made-for-Hollywood heroine, is young, sexy, New York City real estate agent on her way up when she makes a promise to a dying woman to turn over her later daughter’s journal to the police and encounters the woman’s fleeing murderer.

Lacey keeps her promise, but keeps a copy of the journal. The original disappears from police custody.

The murderer is wanted by the FBI.

The NYPD and the federal investigators quarrel over jurisdiction.

Someone tries to shoot Lacey and hits her 4-year-old niece instead.

Lacey is placed in the witness protection program, given a new identity, moved to Minneapolis, and cautioned not to let even her closest relatives have any clues to where she is. Lacey isn’t good at following orders, nor is she bright enough to realize that telling her mother anything is like taking out a front page ad in The New York Times.

A quarter of the way into Pretend You Don’t See Her, anyone who ever read a Mary Higgins Clark novel will know who the culprit is.

Pretend You Don’t See Her
by Mary Higgins Clark
Simon and Schuster. ©1997. 318 p.
1997 bestseller #8; my grade: C+

©2020 Linda G. Aragoni

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