Special Delivery

full moon above Hollywood skyline signals romanceThe leading characters in Special Delivery, Jack Watson and Amanda Robbins Kingston, are respectively 59 and 51. Their ages are the only unusual element in an otherwise totally predictable Danielle Steel romance.

Since a failed marriage that produced a son and one happy affair that ended tragically before marriage, Jack has been a most eligible and unattachable bachelor. He keeps his bed partners far from the altar but manages to keep most of them as friends.

Amanda was a Hollywood star 26 years earlier when she ditched the spotlight for marriage to a dull banker whom she adored. She and Matt had two daughters, Jan and Louise. Jan is married to Jack’s son, Paul.

As the book opens, Matt has just died.

Amanda and Jack exchange civil remarks at Matt’s funeral.

Almost a year later, Jan talks her mother into coming to a Christmas party Jack is throwing at his Hollywood store. Amanda surprises herself by being glad to be there, and Jack surprises her by being attentive and understanding.

Special Delivery is typical Steel fare, only about a hundred pages shorter than usual. The only suspense is waiting to see if your predictions as to the novel’s ending are correct.

(They are.)

Special Delivery by Danielle Steel
Delacorte. ©1997.   217 p.
1997 bestseller #5; my grade: C

©2020 Linda G. Aragoni

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