Lightning by Danielle Steel

 A red bolt of lightning divides cover into black and white areas.
Cancer strikes like lightning.

Lightning’s Alexandra and Sam Parker are a happily married couple in the typical Danielle Steel mold: Alex is a successful lawyer, Sam a venture capitalist. They are good looking, intelligent, hardworking, wealthy, with a delightful, brilliant child and a devoted housekeeper.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, a routine mammogram discovers a possibly malignant mass. Alex opts for breast removal when a biopsy confirms she has cancer.

Sam, whose mother died from cancer, tries to avoid acknowledging Alex’s illness. He doesn’t want to even hear about Alex’s fears or her pain. Alex’s cancer is her problem. Sam just wants her to behave as if nothing is wrong.

Meanwhile, Sam’s company takes in a new partner. Initially skeptical of Simon, Alex is quickly converted to his cheerleader when Simon introduces him to his sexy cousin.

While Sam enjoys a hot affair, Alex vomits into the toilet in her office, ministered to by a junior staffer who had done similar service when his older sister who is Alex’s age, had cancer.

Although Steel avoids her usual plot formula, she doesn’t manage to make the story believable or her major characters realistic.

Lightning turns out to be just a flash in the pan.

Lightning by Danielle Steel
Delacourt. ©1995. 396 p.
1995 bestseller #5; my grade: C

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