Accident by Danielle Steel

triangular red warning sign is art element on front of "Accident"
Accident is unexpected story from Danielle Steel.

Accident is a Danielle Steel romance in which the author throws monkey wrenches at her typical formula with a most satisfactory clang.

Page Clark is happily married. She and Brad have a son, Andy,  7, and a daughter, Allyson, 15. Page wishes Brad’s work didn’t take him away from home so much, but on the whole, she happy with her life.

Then one Saturday night Allyson and her best friend, Chloe Thorensen, say Chloe’s father is taking them to dinner and a movie.

The girls, however, have made a dinner date with two older boys. On the way home, they have an accident. The boy driving the car is killed, the other boy escapes injury. Both Chloe and Allyson are badly injured. Chloe will recover, but never have the dancing career she wanted; Allyson may never regain consciousness.

Steel’s plot is a tad more gruesome than it need be—a relationship need not be abusive for a child to dislike its mother, for example—but on the whole her characterizations are believable.

And she scores points by not exploiting the “other driver” story at the expense of her core story.

Altogether, Accident is a gushless romance that will make readers feel they know the characters.

Accident by Danielle Steel
Delacourt Press. ©1994. 305 p.
1994 bestseller #08; my grade: A-

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