The Stars Shine Down

City skyscrapers are revealed in star-shaped cutout
Lara Cameron aims very high.

The Stars Shine Down is a made-for-viewing novel by Sidney Sheldon that never made it to the screen, which is where it belongs.

Lara Cameron is unwanted at birth, grows up unwanted, and forces herself on America’s male-dominated, commercial real estate world.

She is in her twenties in the 1980s , with only a high school education and no connections, but she knows one thing: OPM. People make fortunes by using other people’s money.

Lara ruthlessly goes after her goals. She has an instinctive sense of what the public wants and aims to deliver it months before other developers can.

She works very hard and she demands anyone who works for her work equally hard. She’s willing to take risks; she’s using other people’s money.

Though she uses people, demanding unquestioned loyalty, Lara is generous to those loyal to her.

She also is quite unable to believe any perspective than her own could be valid.

Stars is a totally absorbing story, easily read in an evening before an early bedtime. It’s also totally preposterous. Only when you finish the last page do you realize Sheldon duped you just as Lara duped people.

Lara Cameron isn’t a Horatio Alger heroine: She’s a nut case.

The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon
William Morrow. ©1992. 400 p.
1992 bestseller #6; my grade: B-

©2020 Linda G. Aragoni

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