Secrets, a Danielle Steel novel

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Secrets is by Danielle Steel, which means it’s a glimpse into the lives of rich, famous people who got rich and famous through hard work.

In Secrets, veteran Hollywood producer Mel Wechsler assembles a cast for a never-before-attempted type of television show: A prime-time serial.

Wechsler picks Sabrina Quarles to head the cast. At 45, she’s never been a Hollywood lead, but she’s sexy, recognizable, and a consummate professional.

Modest and nurturing Jane Adams, 39, worked in a daytime TV serial for 10 years without her husband or her kids knowing.

Leading man Zack Taylor is both a true professional and a nice guy.

Gabby Smith, a beautiful and wholesome 24, has a sketchy bio, little experience, but the right look and real potential.

Bill Warwick is a struggling actor tending bar when Wechsler picks him to be America’s next male superstar.

Each of the team has a secret that could threaten the entire production.

Secrets is basically confined to one television season, so, although the novel switches focus from character to character, the story feels more unified than Steel’s usual career-spanning novels.

Although the plot includes one character being arrested for murder on grounds that would be laughable in a mystery novel, the story generally plausible by the standards of romance fiction.

Secrets by Danielle Steel
Delacorte Press. ©1985. 336 p.
1985 bestseller #6; my grade: C

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