Sleeping Murder: The last of Miss Marple

Sleeping Murder is the last of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple mysteries, and like Curtain it was prepared for posthumous publication.

All-text front dust jacket of Sleeping Murder
There’s nothing on this cover to keep readers awake.

In Sleeping Murder, a young couple from New Zealand, Gwenda and Giles Reed, both the only remaining members of their families, have come to settle in England.

The Victorian villa they buy in a small seaside town feels strangely familiar to Gwenda. She learns she and her father had lived in the house very briefly as a small child.

Then Gwenda has a terrifying vision of a woman lying strangled at the foot of the stairway.

Because of the family connection, Gwenda and Giles begin poking into the history of the house.

Miss Marple, visiting friends in the village, urges them to “let sleeping murders lie” but they persist.

Readers familiar with Christie’s Miss Marple will know how the silver-haired sleuth puts tea and scones together and to come up with the obvious solution.

Readers who don’t know Miss Marple may wish to make her acquaintance via one of the 14 earlier cozy mysteries featuring her, beginning with The Murder at the Vicarage, published in 1930.

Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie
Dodd, Mead. ©1976, 242 p.
1976 bestseller #2. My grade: B

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