Ahead: Reviews of 7 remaining 1908 bestsellers

I got my notes mixed up earlier when I posted my list of novels I planned to review in the remaining days of 2016, and gave you a list of novels whose reviews will appear in 2017. My apologies.

You will be getting reviews of the seven six bestsellers from 1908 that I hadn’t located when their time came around.

Here’s the list and their posting dates:

1908 #1 Mr. Crewe’s Career by Winston Churchill [Nov. 22]
1908 #2 The Barrier by Rex Beach [Nov. 26]
1908 #3 The Trail of the Lonesome Pine by John Fox Jr.
1908 #4 The Lure of the Mask by Harold MacGrath [Nov. 29]
1908 #5 The Shuttle by Frances Hodgson Burnett [Dec. 3]
1908 #6 Peter by F. Hopkinson Smith
1908 #7 Lewis Rand by Louis J. Vance [Dec. 6]
1908 #8 The Black Bag by Harold MacGrath [Dec. 10]
1908 #9 The Man from Brodney’s by George Barr McCutcheon [Dec.13]
1908 #10 The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg by Louis Bromfield
1908 #10 The Weavers by Gilbert Parker [This was also a 1907 bestseller. My review of it will be posted early in 2017.]

The poll of your picks of the 1908 bestsellers will be posted on Dec. 17.

I’ll reveal my picks on Dec. 20.

I’ll probably have some extra content as my Christmas gifts to readers on Dec. 24 and again on Dec. 27.

Dec. 31 I’ll see out the old year with a post about the best of the novels I reviewed here in 2016.

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