The House of a Thousand Candles: Its wax has waned

The House of A Thousand Candles opens with John Glenarm learning the conditions of his grandfather’s will from Arthur Pickering, a man John dislikes “as heartily as it is safe for one man to dislike another.”

The House of a Thousand Candles by Meredith Nicholson

Howard Chandler Christy, illus. ©1905 Bobbs-Merrill. 1906 bestseller #4.
Project Gutenberg eBook #12441.  My grade: B.

An orphan, John was raised by his grandfather, who wanted him to be an architect. John chose engineering and dissipated the fortune his father left him.

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The will confines John to occupying Glenarm House without leaving the rural Indiana county or having company for a year.

John agrees out of respect for his grandfather and shame for the grief he caused him.

If John violates the conditions, the property reverts to Marian Devereux, a young woman whose aunt runs the Catholic girls school on property adjoining Glenarm House.

Meredith Nicholson spins this opening into a mystery-romance that is as ridiculous as the will is eccentric.

There are rumors of treasure hid on the property, secret passages, attempts on John’s life, the grandfather’s butler-companion who knows more than he lets on, and one very attractive girl at the school next door.

The House will provide pleasant diversion, but both story and characters will be snuffed from memory within a few days of reading.

©2016 Linda Gorton Aragoni

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