1946 bestselling novels set for review here

Our novelistic time travel has us back in 1946 for the next few weeks.

If you’re a baby boomer, as I am, you may remember seeing these bestselling books, or others by the same authors, on your parents’ bookshelves: DuMaurier, Caldwell, Keyes, Yerby, Costain, and Marquand were very popular in the war years.

If you’re younger, you may remember seeing the movie versions of some of these books.

  1. The King’s General by Daphne du Maurier [March 22, 2016]
  2. This Side of Innocence by Taylor Caldwell [March 26, 2016]
  3. The River Road by Frances Parkinson Keyes [March 29, 2016]
  4. The Miracle of the Bells by Russell Janney  [#1 in 2017]
  5. The Hucksters by Frederic Wakeman [April 2, 2016]
  6. The Foxes of Harrow by Frank Yerby [April 5, 2016]
  7. Arch of Triumph by Erich Maria Remarque [April 9, 2016]
  8. The Black Rose by Thomas B. Costain [#3 in 1945]
  9. B.F.’s Daughter by John P. Marquand [April 12, 2016]
  10. The Snake Pit by Mary Jane Ward [April 16, 2016]

On April 19 you’ll get your chance to say which of these bestselling novels of 1946 are your favorites, so grab a book and get reading.

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