Look ahead to 1915 bestselling novels

The 1915 bestseller list features works by some of biggest name authors of the day, most of whom are barely recognizable by today’s readers: Winston Churchill (not the British politician), Henry Syndor Harrison, and Eleanor H. Porter.

All 10 of the novels are available from Project Gutenberg for reading free on your digital device.

Project Gutenberg

Tarkington 1915’s top selling novelist

Topping the 1915 list is The Turmoil by Booth Tarkington, a popular and prolific novelist and playwright of the first third of the twentieth century. I’ll review it here on Tuesday [4-Aug-2015].

Tarkington planned a series of three novels about the American worship of bigness and the money it brings. The Turmoil was the first book he wrote of the trilogy.

The next novel of the Tarkington’s planned set, The Magnificent Ambersons, came out in 1918. It won critical acclaim, a Pulitzer Prize, and went on to be made into films three times. It did not, however, make the bestseller list even once.

Tarkington published the first edition of The Midlander in 1924, wrapping up a set of three novels which he brought out in a single volume under the name Growth in 1927. In Growth, Tarkington changed the name The Midlander to National Avenue.

The single volume reorders the trilogy from the order in which they were written. Growth begins with The Magnificent Ambersons, puts The Turmoil next, and ends with National Avenue.

1915 bestsellers 2 through 10

Below are the other best 1915 bestselling novels I’ll be reviewing between now and Sept. 5 and their review dates. Links will take you to the Project Gutenberg page where you can download a digital copy of the novel to read free.

1915 bestseller # 2 A Far Country by Winston Churchill [8-Aug-2015]

1915 bestseller #3 Michael O’Halloran by Gene Stratton-Porter [11-Aug-2015]

1915 bestseller #4 Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor H. Porter [15-Aug-2015]

1915 bestseller #5 K by Mary Roberts Rinehart [18-Aug-2015]

1915 bestseller #6 Jaffrey by William J. Locke [22-Aug-2015]

1915 bestseller #7 Felix O’Day by F. Hopkinson Smith [25-Aug-2015]

1915 bestseller #8 The Harbour by Ernest Poole [29-Aug-2015]

1915 bestseller #9 The Lone Star Ranger by Zane Grey [1-Sept-2015]

1915 bestseller #10 Angela’s Business by Henry Syndor Harrison [5-Sept-2015]

You’ll get a chance to say what you think about the best of the 2015 bestsellers on Sept. 8, and on Sept. 12 I’ll tell you which of the 10 I think are still the best reading today.

After that, we’ll be on to the 1905 bestsellers.

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