Novel Reviews Scheduled for 2015

I’ll begin my reviews for 2015 with novels that were bestsellers a half century ago—1965—and go backward a decade at at time to 1905.  Front of dust jacket of The Source by James A Michener.Of those 70 novels, I’ve previously reviewed six here in 2014. Before World War II, it was not unusual for a novel to stay two years on the bestseller list. Use the third gray tab from the left at the top of this page to find the bestseller lists.

Since those 62 novels leave me with considerably fewer reviews than I need to fill out my twice-a-week schedule, I will pick up titles from the 1908 1909 bestseller list that I missed in the days before Project Gutenberg became my go-to source for out-of-copyright books.

jacket of The AmbassadorEven that’s not enough to fill the schedule, so I will add reviews of some vintage novels that weren’t bestsellers when they were published, but came to fame since, and some posts that suggest bestsellers on particular topics.

My schedule for my first set of reviews, those from 1965,  is below. The date on which new review will be posted are in square brackets. As usual, if I’ve previously reviewed a book, I’ve linked to the review in the list.

  • 1965 #1 The Source by James A. Michener  [2015-01-03]
  • 1965 #2  Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman [2015-01-06]
  • 1965 #3 Herzog by Saul Bellow
  • 1965 #4 The Looking Glass War by John le Carré [2015-01-10]
  • 1965 #5 The Green Berets by Robin Moore [2015-01-13]
  • 1965 #6 Those Who Love by Irving Stone [2015-01-17]
  • 1965 #7 The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming [2015-01-20]
  • 1965 #8 Hotel by Arthur Hailey [2015-01-24]Dust jacket of "Don't Stop the Carnival" by Herman Wouk
  • 1965 #9 The Ambassador by Morris West [2015-01-27]
  • 1965 #10 Don’t Stop the Carnival by Herman Wouk [2015-01-31]

After I’ve reviewed the individual titles, you and I will each take a shot at selecting a short list of the three best of the best.

  • Poll: Your favorites of the 1965 bestsellers [2015-02-03]
  • My top picks of 1965 bestsellers [2015-02-07]

Then, before we move on to the 1955 titles, we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day with a look at some vintage love stories.

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