Rereading the 1919 bestsellers

The year the Great War ended, some great novels—and some not-so-great ones—were published.

I reviewed some of the 1919 bestsellers some years ago. I’ve since found the others either free in digital format or in print from my favorite online secondhand bookseller.

Here’s the entire 1919 list. If I previously reviewed the novel, I’ve linked to the review.  If the book is available as a free download, I’ve linked to it. Dates of scheduled reviews are in square brackets.

  1. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by V. Blasco Ibanez
  2. The Arrow of Gold by Joseph Conrad
  3. The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  4. Dangerous Days by Mary Roberts Rinehart [Nov. 11]
  5. The Sky Pilot in No Man’s Land by Ralph Connor [Nov. 15]
  6. The Re-Creation of Brian Kent by Howard Bell Wright [bestseller in 1919 and 1920]
  7. Dawn by Gene Stratton Porter[Nov. 18]
  8. The Tin Soldier by Temple Bailey [Nov. 22]
  9. Christopher and Columbus by Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim [Nov. 25]
  10. In Secret by Robert W. Chambers [Nov. 29]

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Linda G. Aragoni

I make big ideas simple for learners. In eight sentences, 34 words, I taught teens and adults to write competently. Now I'm writing guides to turn willing volunteers into great nursing home visitors.

2 thoughts on “Rereading the 1919 bestsellers”

  1. I read “The Arrow of Gold” years ago when I saw a copy in my local library. It was a big disappointment. I see from your review that you were also disappointed. I have read most of Conrad’s novels, but there is good reason why I never see this one in bookshops.


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