November–December Review Schedule

With the holidays upon us, you can expect postings from now to the start of 2015 to be rather a hodgepodge.

Over the years as I’ve been posting reviews of bestsellers, I’ve had difficulty finding some novels when their turn came in my rotation. Through the end of the year, 1919-09 frontpiece

But before I start on them, since Tuesday is election day in the US, I’ll suggest some political novels that you may prefer to watching the polls close.

Below is a list of what’s scheduled each week. As usual, if a book is available free online from Project Gutenberg, I’ve included a link to it.

Political novels [Nov. 4]

1919 bestseller list [Nov. 8]

1919 #4 Dangerous Days by Mary Roberts Rinehart [Nov. 11]

1919 #5 The Sky Pilot in No Man’s Land by Ralph Connor [Nov. 15]

1919 #7 Dawn by Eleanor H. Porter [Nov. 18]

1919 #8 The Tin Soldier by Temple Bailey [Nov. 22]

1919 #9 Christopher and Columbus by Elizabeth Von Arnim [Nov. 25]

1919 #10 In Secret Robert W. Chambers [Nov. 29]

1919-08_tinsoldier_248Poll: your 1919 favorite novels [Dec. 2]

My favorites of the 1919 novels [Dec. 6]

1920 #2 Kindred of the Dust by Peter B. Kyne [Dec. 9]

1920 #10 Harriet and the Piper by Kathleen Norris [Dec. 13]

1929 #3 Dark Hester by Anne Douglas Sedgwick [Dec. 16]

1929 #310 The Galaxy [British title The Milky Way] by Susan Ertz [Dec. 20]

Updates to my favorites of 1920 and 1929 [Dec. 23]

Wrap up 2014 reading [Dec. 27]

Schedule for 2015 reviews [Dec. 30]

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