Diane of the Green Van Defies Description

I could not put Diane of the Green Van down.

It is the most bizarre novel I have ever read.

Leona Dalrymple must have pulled a paragraph out of every novel in a very large library to come up with the story.

I even cannot begin to summarize the plot. Let me just say the romance involves:

  • secret messages hidden in candlesticks,
  • murder attempts by night,
  • a mechanical music contraption,
  • a hay wagon,
  • a masked ball,
  • two run-away European princes,
  • an American flyer,
  • an alcoholic drug-user who invents an electrified chess set to torture people,
  • a Connecticut lass who may possibly  be the legitimate (or illegitimate daughter) of a prince, or an artist, or the man she called her father,
  • an Indian lass who may possibly be the legitimate (or illegitimate) daughter of a Indian, or an artist, or a European prince,
  • a doctor who does psychotherapy and holistic healing among the Seminole Indians in the Florida Everglades, and
  • an overweight aunt of the Connecticut lass and the alcoholic drug user who holds the secret to all the mysteries but is constitutionally incapable of uttering a coherent sentence.

There are also two dogs and lots of roasted potatoes.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Diane of the Green Van
by Leona Dalrymple
Illustrations by Reginald Birch
Project Gutenberg ebook #16101
1914 bestseller # 8
My grade: C-

© 2014 Linda Gorton Aragoni

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Linda G. Aragoni

I make big ideas simple for learners. In eight sentences, 34 words, I taught teens and adults to write competently. Now I'm writing guides to turn willing volunteers into great nursing home visitors.

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