Round Out 2013 with 1900 Bestsellers

To finish out 2013, I’m going back to pick up seven novels from 1900 that I hadn’t located when their time rolled around in my normal cycle.

Red Pottage and Unleavened Bread are the best of the seven and they are both very good psychological studies. Red Pottage turns a totally preposterous situation into perfectly plausible story through keen observation of people and precisely chosen detail.  Unleavened Bread is a fascinating study of a horrible woman who believes herself to be the epitome of every talent and virtue.

Project Gutenberg

Here’s the list of the novels, with hyperlinks to the Project Gutenberg versions you can download and read for free. Dates of the reviews are in brackets.

I doubt many readers will be familiar with these novels or their authors. I hope, however, the titles of the first four novels will sound familiar; they are allusions that would have been immediately recognizable to readers in 1900.

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