Lord Loveland Discovers More Than Just America

If the 13th Marquis of Loveland “had been a plain or stupid boy he might have grown up to be an estimable young man.” Neither plain or stupid, he becomes both broke and insufferable.

He’s forced to go to America in search of a rich wife.

Loveland accepts free passage on the Mauritania in place of a man who cannot travel for health reasons and authorizes his former valet to sell his ticket for the Baltic. On board ship, Loveland attracts attention for his looks, hauteur, and all-too-obvious fortune-hunting.

Loveland would willingly wed Miss Lesley Dearmer, an American author whose looks and personality intrigue him, but the grapevine says she has no money.

Through accidents compounded by his insolence, Loveland finds himself in New York broke, friendless, without even a change of clothes, and charged with impersonating Lord Loveland.

A series of madcap misadventures, teaches Loveland  the world does not revolve around him.

Lord Loveland Discovers America is by the husband and wife team of Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Livingston. They leave little doubt how the romance will end, but they keep readers hooked to the last chapter to learn what led to the accusation that Loveland was an imposter.

Despite a predictable plot and hackneyed characterization, Lord Loveland is irresistable.

Lord Loveland Discovers America
By C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
Illustratrations by George Brehm
Project Gutenberg EBook #39984
1910 bestseller #7

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