Simon the Jester Finds Life Funny, Fulfilling

eu-moi-rous.  you MOI rus.  adj.  happy because of being innocent and good 

Simon the Jester is an offbeat tale about a British M.P. with a highly developed sense of the absurd and the prospect of having no more than six months to live.

When Simon de Gex, 37, gets his death sentence, he decides it offers the ideal opportunity to become eumoiros.  (The word tickles Simon; he uses it every time he gets a chance), since he won’t be around “when the boomerang of his beneficence comes back to hit him on the head.”

He breaks his engagement to Eleanor Faversham, resigns his seat in Parliament, and throws his support to Dale Kynnersley to assume the seat. He also throws his support to Maisie Ellerton to become Dale’s wife.

Dale, however, won’t give up Lola Brandt, a ex-circus performer, even to win an election.

Simon meets the luscious Lola, whose intuition and kindness are as captivating as her looks. She tells Simon of her unhappy marriage; he reminds her she’s still married.

From that set-up William J. Locke weaves a zany story that affords Simon’s humor plenty of exercise.

Though the story is told primarily for laughs, Locke doesn’t let anyone forget that laughing at situations may make them more bearable, but doesn’t actually change the situation.

If you liked Kitty Foyle, Daddy Long-Legs, or The Melting of Molly, you’ll enjoy Simon the Jester.

Simon the Jester
by William J. Locke
1910 bestseller #6
Project Gutenberg EBook #3828 

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