There’s plenty of life in Mrs. Parkington yet

Cameo Mrs. Parkington, 84, is the very rich widow of a larger-than-life scoundrel whom she adored.

The only one of herfamily Mrs. Parkington can stand is her great-granddaughter, Janie.  Daughter Alice is addicted to drugs and alcohol, much-married Madeline has just added a cowboy to her string of husbands, and Helen, Janie’s mother, is married to a man she hates.

Janie falls for a young government lawyer investigating her father’s fraudulent securities deals. Mrs. Parkington steps in to help the young lovers and repay the people her son-in-law defrauded.

Then Mrs. Parkington settles her own affairs. She changes her will to leave her heirs enough so they can live very well but “won’t be able to make fools of themselves.” Janie will get her share at age 40, after she’s had 15 years to learn what money can’t buy.

Louis Bromfield tells the story of Mrs. Parkington’s life piecemeal, as events trigger her memories. Readers get a detailed picture of the innocent Nevada lass who became a social leader by dint of her intelligence, perceptivity, moral fiber, and kindness as much as by her husband’s money.

Mrs. Parkington celebrates the art of growing old by living every day well.

Three cheers for Mrs. Parkington.

 Mrs. Parkington
By Louis Bromfield
Harper, 1942
1943  bestseller #6
My Grade: A-

Photo Credit:  Camafe  by girianelli

© 2013  Linda Gorton Aragoni

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