Young Man of Manhattan, Grow Up!

In Young Man of Manhattan, Katherine Brush shows how a talented writer can make a scruffy boy-meets-girl plot sparkle.

The boy in the story is a young sportswriter, Toby McLean. The girl is Ann Vaughn, a film reporter for another newspaper. Both are still tied to the apron strings of their upbringing.

In Toby’s case there wasn’t much in upbringing. His father was an alcoholic. Toby has a reputation for being fond of the bottle himself.

Ann is ambitious. Toby is  talented but not really concerned about getting to the top of his profession.

Ann  lives within her means. Toby lives from day to day.  His pockets are always at his friends’ disposal.

Obviously this marriage is going  to require some major adjustments.

When Ann  begins to be successful, Toby knows he should be pleased for her. He tries to be, but deep down he is jealous. He would like to be successful, too, if only it didn’t require so much work.

Any writer who can make a plot this threadbare into a bestseller is good.

Brush makes these kids so young, so earnest, so hopeful that readers can’t help wanting them to grow up and be happy.

Young Man of Manhattan
by Katherine Brush
Farrar and Reinhardt, 1930
325 pages
1930 bestseller #9
My grade: B

©2010 Linda Gorton Aragoni

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