Free reviews for library websites

Dear Ms. and Mr. Librarian,

You can get these weekly reviews of vintage bestsellers for your library website visitors FREE in the form of a decorative widget.

Great Penformances widget on Nov 12, 2008
Great Penformances widget on Nov 12, 2008

The Great Penformances widget is perfect for small libraries with small budgets for new books. Published book reviews create buzz that will get those old books from the basement stacks back in circulation.

Here’s how it works.

The widget is bit of Java script. You copy the code and paste it into your web page or blog page. That’s all there is to it. You don’t ever have to touch it again.

Each week when I post a new review, it automatically pops up in the Great Penformances widget on your website. Presto! Fresh content for your visitors.

Please note. The image at the left is a screen capture, not a real widget.

You can try the widget I have on the  “About” page of my business website, Get the JavaScript code for the Great Penformances widget or by clicking the “get widget” button on that page or get it directly from Widgetbox

Tip: If you aren’t planning to install the widget immediately, copy and paste it into a text editor like Notepad so it saves with a .txt extension. Saving it as a Microsoft Word file messes things up.

Happy reading!

Linda Aragoni

[2016-03-08 removed links to websites no longer available]


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